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Buddhism in America has changed dramatically in the three decades since the Shambhala Sun was founded. It's been a fascinating time of growth, scandal, deepening practice, and ever-increasing impact on American society. Join us in a look back through our special 30th Anniversary articles and web-exclusives.

 Here on the web we provide all articles in their complete form. Just click any article's title to read the complete article.

For 30 Years the Best of Buddhism in America: Commentary

Continuing our celebration of the Sun's 30th anniversary, our current issue includes some of the best commentary to appear in our pages, on topics ranging from the meaning of Barack Obama to the Zen of Baseball. Includes work by Gary Snyder, John Tarrant, Rita Gross, Peter J. Conradi, Norman Fischer, Charles R. Johnson, bell hooks, Rod Meade Sperry, Sam Harris, David Loy, and Andrew Schelling.

In Discussion: The Best of 30 Years
Buddhism, culture, meditation, life—they've all been the topic of fascinating discussions hosted by the Shambhala Sun. Continuing our 30th anniversary celebration, our May 2009 issue offers highlights from our conversations with important writers, artists, political leaders, and spiritual teachers. Here you'll find them, plus some additional interviews, in their complete form. 

Memoir: The Best of 30 Years

Some of the finest original first-person stories from the Shambhala Sun's history, from Allen Ginsberg, Rick Bass, Gretel Ehrlich, and more. (Click here.)

Following the "Swans"

The late Rick Fields, a former Shambhala Sun editor, wrote the definitive history of Buddhism's early days in America. Now our senior editor Barry Boyce picks up the story.  (More...)

"Celebrating Buddhism in America:

30 Great Years"

In conversation, Barry Boyce reflects on the lessons learned in the time since the Shambhala Sun was founded. (Listen here...)

Meaningful to Me

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Joan Sutherland, John Tarrant, Susan Piver, and other prominent authors and teachers tell us which Buddhist book of the past thirty years has meant the most to them. And you can weigh in with your own! (More...)

30 Years: The Bestsellers

Marcia Z. Nelson looks at the Buddhist books that have graced bookshelves across the country—including her own. (More...)

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