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Look inside the March 2014 Shambhala Sun magazine

FEATURING: Pema Chödrön's 4 Keys to Waking Up; bell hooks & Eve Ensler on fighting domination and finding love; Sylvia Boorstein's "GPS for the Mind"; Lisa Carver on Yoko Ono; Ruth Ozeki, Natalie Goldberg, book reviews, and more.

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this issue's editorial:

"Buddha's Daughters"

ANDREA MILLER on why this issue of the magazine shouldn't be considered special.


Pema Chödrön on 4 Keys to Waking Up

On retreat with Pema Chödrön at Omega Institute, the Shambhala Sun’s Andrea Miller explores these four essential ways to walk the walk.


The Bearable Lightness of Being

When we honor life but don’t make it a big deal, we lighten up, open up, and become more joyous. The fancy name for that, says Pema Chödrön, is enlightenment.


Being Love

Awash in the pain of betrayal and a failed marriage, Laura Munson practices Pema Chödrön’s teachings on loving-kindness. It’s hard but it helps.


A GPS of the Mind

The GPS in our car tell us the best route to take, but what helps us navigate life? Sylvia Boorstein shows us how to stay on the wholesome road. 

Strike! Dance! Rise!

Fighting domination, finding love, connecting with our bodies—feminist leaders and meditators Eve Ensler & bell hooks in dialogue. 

Plus: When I Enter the City of Joy

In war-torn Congo, Eve Ensler learns what love can really do.


The Work of the Moment

When we and our work are one, says Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, even the most mundane of life’s activities are profound and beautiful.

Plus: Pat O'Hara on how to Make All Your Work Meaningful


Under the Volcano

Vacationing on Hawaii’s Big Island, Judy Panko Reis suffered an unspeakable crime. Decades later, she sees that out of even the darkest violence a new life can emerge.


Thanks to Yoko

Performance artist Lisa Carver celebrates Yoko Ono, who taught her to do what “isn’t done.”


other voices

Empty Graves and Empty Boats

At her grandfather’s grave, Rachel Neumann’s anger erupted, but who was there to yell at in those long-buried remains? We are all like empty boats bumping against each other.


Show Up Exactly As You Are

Taz Tagore, one of the two founders of New York City's Reciprocity Foundation, on taking kids from the streets to a new life. (It starts inside.)


Losing Katherine

She was the kind of person who might suddenly ask, “How do you know love?” Natalie Goldberg on loving and losing a special friend.




Review: Lying, by Sam Harris

Reviewed by Karen Maezen Miller


Books in Brief 

This issue’s roundup features books on conflict resolution, yoga, stress reduction, ecology, and more.

About a Poem

Ruth Ozeki on Ono no Komachi

Shambhala Sun
, March 2014, Volume Twenty Two, Number 4.

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