Understanding Karma and Transforming Habitual Patterns

Northeast USA  

September 22, 2014toOctober 20, 2014

New York City

Mondays, 7 to 9 pm

Please join IDP founder and senior teacher Ethan Nichtern for an in-depth look at how a true understanding of karma can aid in the transformation of our repetitive patterns and bring a deeper meaning to our lives and the lives of others. Read More »

Holding On and Letting Go retreat, with Arinna Weisman

Northwest USA  

September 23, 2014toSeptember 28, 2014

Vipassana Teacher Arinna WeismanGreat Vow Zen Monastery

It is only when we come into relationship with our experience, in an intimate connection, that we are able to see clearly what supports our lives, the lives of others, and all of nature. When we notice the energy of holding on and the contraction it brings, we also begin to be able to let go. In letting go, the heart Read More »

Becoming Your Own Therapist: A weekly opportunity to practice meditation

Northeast USA  

September 23, 2014toDecember 30, 2014

meditation_110New York City
Tuesdays, 7 to 8:30 pm

Whether you aspire to take a break from the hectic pace of urban life, want to learn simple meditation techniques, or wish to benefit from the collective energy of practicing with a group, please join us for “Becoming Your Own Therapist” — Shantideva Read More »

Freedom Every Day: Walking with Compassion and Wisdom on the Eightfold Path

Northeast USA  

September 24, 2014toOctober 29, 2014

New York City

 Wednesdays, 7 to 9 pm

This special new series will explore how wisdom and compassion are emphasized and developed within each branch of the eightfold path, and provide a multilineage perspective on how to skillfully practice and live according to these Read More »

Zazenkai Weekend

Southwest USA  

September 26, 2014toSeptember 28, 2014

Buddha hands (150x121)Upaya Zen Center

This silent meditation retreat, led by Sensei Do-On Robert Thomas and  Shinzan Palma, provides the experience of deep periods of uninterrupted meditation. It includes sitting and walking Read More »

The Union of Shamatha and Vipassana, with Lama Dudjom Dorjee

Northeast USA  

September 26, 2014toSeptember 28, 2014


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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Shamatha is calm-abiding meditation, while vipassana is analytical meditation in a step-by-step approach. Combining the two helps us to avoid obstacles to meditation such as hopes, fears, and low self-esteem. In this retreat, we try to gain some experience of the union of luminosity and emptiness. Read More »

Empowerment of the Future Buddha Maitreya

Northeast USA  

September 27, 2014
2:00 pmto4:30 pm

NewLNR York City

Bestowed by Tibetan meditation master Lama Norlha Rinpoche

Maitreya, revered in all Buddhist traditions as the Future Buddha of Loving-Kindness, will teach the path to spiritual awakening anew when the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni have disappeared from this world. During this empowerment, we are introduced to the qualities and bestowed the blessing of Maitreya, Read More »

Maitreya Center Benefit Dinner

Northeast USA  

September 28, 2014
1:00 pmto4:30 pm

New York City

Lama Norlha Rinpoche together with H.H. the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

Lama Norlha Rinpoche together with H.H. the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

Please join us for this three-course vegetarian meal and fundraiser to support the Maitreya Center.

Location: Salaam Bombay Restaurant, Tribeca
319 Greenwich Street (at Reade Street), New York, NY

Please RSVP by Sept. 12 by pre-registering online
or by mail or fax to KTC Monastery with donor form

Donor levels:  Friend ~ $68  |  Sponsor ~ $108  |
|  Dharma Patron ~ $218  |  Vajra Holder ~ $388 |

The Maitreya Center is a new meditation hall and community space being built on the grounds of KTC Monastery in Wappingers Falls, NY, overlooking the Hudson River.  It will serve as a branch of the Palpung congregation of Vajrayana Buddhism under the auspices of Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, the main teacher to His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa.

By bringing together persons of diverse backgrounds and traditions under the umbrella of Maitreya’s great compassion, it is our hope that all connected with the Maitreya Center will benefit from learning and practicing the Buddha’s teachings.  For more information about the Maitreya Center, see our brochure.

Sesshin: Living and Practicing in Vow – Special Reduced Price!

Southwest USA  

September 30, 2014toOctober 5, 2014

Zazen in Upayas Circle of the Way Temple (112x150)Upaya Zen Center

Sesshîn literary means “gathering the heart/mind.” This sesshin, led by Sensei Do-On Robert Thomas and  Shinzan Palma, is an intensive zen meditation retreat that allows us to really drop down and engage in our practice. We will observe Noble Silence together. We will do sitting (zazen) and walking (kinhin) meditation, liturgy, oryoki Read More »

Essential Buddhist Teachings: Online class with Mark Coleman


October 1, 2014toDecember 3, 2014

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Essential Buddhist Teachings offers an in-depth understanding of core Buddhist teachings and meditation practices. These teachings are instrumental on the journey of awakening as taught within the Insight Meditation tradition. Read More »

Create a Better World Using the Buddhist Way, with Khenpo Tenkyong

Northeast USA  

October 3, 2014toOctober 5, 2014

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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Our beautiful Mother Earth is essential to our existence. Khenpo Tenkyong’s first teaching at KTD is  based on Karmapa’s book The Heart Is Noble, which invites us to create a global community based on compassion. Khenpo Tenkyong offers practical suggestions on how each individual can bring this world Read More »

Autumn Ayurveda Retreat

Northern California  

October 3, 2014toOctober 5, 2014

Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Ratna Ling has partnered with the famous Ayurvedic genius Doctor Helen Thomas to create an educational and participatory weekend retreat to help you learn to stay nourished, balanced, and healthy this autumn. You will discover your Read More »

Autumn Zazenkai: A day of Zen practice

Northwest USA  

October 4, 2014

Autumn leaves 108x108Portland, OR

To mark the changes of season, we hold a silent retreat at Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.

Join us for a day of meditation, chanting, work practice, and a dharma talk. Vegetarian/vegan lunch provided. Read More »