The Way of Zen: Week 2

Southwest USA  

January 14, 2015toJanuary 18, 2015

stone path (112x150)Upaya Zen Center

With Sensei Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker and Shinzan Palma 

During this week of the Winter Practice Period, the daily schedule consists of Zazen, Samu work practice, afternoon classes, study, zendo etiquette, and interviews with teachers. Saturday will be a Read More »

Zazenkai: A day-long silent meditation retreat

Southwest USA  

January 17, 2015

buddha face (150x150)Upaya Zen Center

This silent meditation retreat, led by Sensei Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker and Shinzan Palma, provides the experience of deep periods of uninterrupted meditation. It includes sitting and walking meditation throughout the day, one hour of work practice, three informal meals, and a dharma talk by the teacher. Read More »

Sesshin: Beyond Thinking

Southwest USA  

January 21, 2015toJanuary 28, 2015

Irene Bakker (116x150)Upaya Zen Center

Sensei Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker and Upaya Head Priest Shinzan Palma

Sesshîn literary means ‘gathering the heart/mind.’ A sesshin is an intensive Zen meditation retreat that allows us to really Read More »

Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: The Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Modalities and Research (MBMR)

Northeast USA  

January 24, 2015toJanuary 31, 2015

Insight Meditation Society

With Christina Feldman, John Peacock, and Chris Cullen

This retreat is specifically designed for professionals involved in mindfulness-based modalities. Educators, clinicians, and researchers engaged in teaching or training in mindfulness-based approaches are welcome to attend. Read More »

Zen Brain: The Embedded Mind — Perspectives from Buddhism and Cognitive Science

Southwest USA  

February 5, 2015toFebruary 8, 2015

ZB Faculty (150x132)Upaya Zen Center

Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, Richard J. Davidson, PhD, Alfred W. Kaszniak, PhD, Evan Thompson, PhD, John D. Dunne, PhD, and Cliff Saron, PhD, return to present another of this acclaimed program. These neuroscientists, scholars, and Buddhist practitioners give perspectives of neuroscience, Read More »

Winter Zen Circle

Southwest USA  

February 13, 2015toMarch 1, 2015

SnowCircle_jpg-sized (150x113)Upaya Zen Center

Instructors: Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi, Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, Natalie Goldberg, and Joshin Brian Byrnes Read More »

Basho and Haiku: Narrow Road to the Deep North

Southwest USA  

February 13, 2015toFebruary 15, 2015

image for basho (150x113)Upaya Zen Center

Join Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Natalie Goldberg as these old friends take you on a journey into the deep north. Examine the life of great master Basho, who Read More »

Calligraphy: Freedom of the Brush

Southwest USA  

February 20, 2015toFebruary 22, 2015

tanahashibigcircle_jpg-sized (150x100)Upaya Zen Center

Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi leads this calligraphy workshop that teaches us that anyone can be creative. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced calligrapher, you can Read More »

Everyday Mindfulness Retreat, with Cheri Maples

Southeast USA  

July 17, 2019toJuly 21, 2019

The Stone House in Mebane, North Carolina

stone circles at the Stone House is excited to welcome back Cheri Maples and La Sarmiento for this 5-day retreat. Experience “Thaypassana,” a beautiful synthesis of the Thich Nhat Hahn and Vipassana traditions, delivered by two long-time meditation practitioners and social justice activists. Read More »