Four-Month Retreat 2014, Nyingma Institute Berkeley California

Northern California  

September 2, 2014toDecember 17, 2014

Meditation ClassNyingma Institute
Berkeley, CA

Tarthang Tulku, founder of the Nyingma Institute, taught the first Human Development Training Program at the Institute in the summer of 1973. This program offered a Read More »

Freedom and Ease of Being: A meditation retreat for our LGBTIQ community

Northeast USA  

September 2, 2014toSeptember 7, 2014

Barre, MA
With Pascal Auclair, Anushka Fernandopulle, and Maddy Klyne

This Insight Meditation Society retreat creates a space of ease and support for our LGBTIQ meditators to come together, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Sharing silence and meditative space allows us to make greater peace with ourselves and our Read More »

Fundraising from the Heart, with Lynne Twist

Southwest USA  

September 5, 2014toSeptember 7, 2014

Lynne Twist (2) (150x143)Upaya Zen Center

A Workshop to Transform Your Relationship With Money and the Life of Your Nonprofit

What if you could turn what may seem like “the necessary evil” of fundraising into the most exciting and fulfilling Read More »

Sharing the Dharma Day

Northwest USA  

September 7, 2014
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Venerable Thubten ChodronNewport, WA

One Sunday per month, Sravasti Abbey opens its doors for Sharing the Dharma Day, an opportunity for newcomers and old friends to explore the Buddha’s teachings and share in community fellowship. People from all faiths and backgrounds can apply the principles explored on Sharing the Dharma Day to Read More »

Finding Calm, Clarity, and Compassion in the Storm of Illness

Southwest USA  

September 12, 2014toSeptember 14, 2014

buddha lotus (150x112)Upaya Zen Center

Transforming pain, fear, and loss, Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, and  Mary Taylor present this unique retreat for people living with illness, along with their loved ones. It’s a time to reconnect with your essential self, your inner wisdom, your tender Read More »

Catching Yourself Before Things Catch You

Southeast USA  

September 12, 2014toSeptember 13, 2014

Lama Surya DasWilmington, NC

Friday,  7-9 PM: Evening presentation
Saturday,  10 AM – 5 PM: One-day practice retreat

Natural Meditation and the Practice of Presencing: A weekend event with Lama Surya Das  — Integrating Spirituality into Everyday Life  Read More »

Weekend at a Buddhist Monastery, with Lama Zopa Tharchin and KTD Staff

Northeast USA  

September 12, 2014toSeptember 14, 2014


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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Aimed at people who want to learn more about the basics of Tibetan Buddhism, this program includes introductory classes, meditation instruction and practice, and one-on-one time with Lama Zopa Tharchin, a monk and spiritual advisor. Read More »

The Way of the Peacemaker: Socially Engaged Mysticism

Northeast USA  

September 12, 2014toSeptember 14, 2014

imageBangor, PA

Join Zen Peacemaker minister Anthony Stultz, EdD, for a very special retreat on practicing the Path of the Peacemaker. In this retreat, Sensei Tony will share his experiences of living out the Three Tenets of a Zen Peacemaker in socially engaged challenges (prison, politics, environment, interfaith, LGBT issues) and instruct on Read More »

Meditation Posture Clinic at The Interdependence Project: Attend in person or online

Northeast USA  Online  

September 14, 2014
12:00 pmto2:00 pm

New York City
Remote students are welcome too — Dan will be offering this live via Google Hangout.  Please email him for details.
Often, meditators struggle to hold their sitting posture rigidly from the start of practice until the concluding bell. Fixating on an idealized position tends to increase pain and distraction. Many times, fear of losing the correct seat reinforces the feeling that they are practicing the the wrong way. Read More »

Nalanda Institute’s Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy

Northeast USA  Online  

September 18, 2014toMay 15, 2015

New York City / Also available for online study

This unprecedented year-long program trains health professionals in compassion-based psychotherapy and features some of the world’s foremost scholars, researchers, and clinicians in the emerging fields of contemplative Read More »

Bon Shen Ling: Chod Practice Retreat

Northeast USA  

September 19, 2014toSeptember 21, 2014

Chongtul RinpocheGarrison Institute, Garrison, NY

Chongtul Rinpoche will share the precious knowledge of the ancient Tibetan Chod practice during a very special three-day retreat located in a beautiful and peaceful setting Read More »

Annual One-Week Retreat: Chenrezig and Parting from the Four Attachments

Northwest USA  

September 19, 2014toSeptember 26, 2014

Newport, WA

Venerable Thubten Chodron will lead this Sravasti Abbey retreat on Chenrezig, Buddha of Compassion, emphasizing how to bring the compassion practices to your daily life. She will also continue teaching on the clear and directive text Parting from the Four Attachments, on essential practices needed to lay the Read More »

Working With Negative Emotions: Body, Speech and Mind, with Traleg Khandro

Northeast USA  

September 19, 2014toSeptember 21, 2014


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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

What are the causes and conditions that give rise to negativity? Understanding habitual tendencies that fuel negative emotions provides the opportunity to replace them with healthier habits that produce more positive outcomes. Traleg Khandro will introduce traditional techniques, including Read More »