Letter of “Recommendations for Genpo Merzel, the Kanzeon Zen Center Board” published; 44 Zen teachers sign / Update: Kanzeon Zen Center board responds

As part of its effort to act “as an archive for open letters sent to Kanzeon Zen Center regarding Genpo Merzel” in the light of Merzel’s recent disrobing as a Zen priest, SweepingZen.com has published a letter, signed by 44 Zen teachers, outlining recommendations for how Merzel and the Kanzeon Zen Center (for which he’d been guiding teacher) should proceed. View the letter here.

February 17 update: The Kanzeon Zen Center Board has issued a response to the open letter, outlining some of their actions to date and plans for the future, adding that “Under these circumstances, we respectfully request that those people who sincerely hope that we at Kanzeon survive and heal as a community, and create an environment and adopt procedures that lessen the possibility of any future misconduct or abuse, will extend us a little patience and allow us the time and breathing space to restore the peace and harmony of the sangha and the strength and sound practice of its members. Genpo Merzel has repeatedly reiterated his full support for all of the actions taken by the Board and Sensei as outlined above.” Read the letter here.