Socializing with your sangha

A weekly social get-together for Buddhists, called Dharma Drink, has started in NYC on Fridays at the Rubin Museum.

Organizer Gregory Beier explains the impetus for starting this group: “A great Tibetan lama once said to me that of the Three Jewels, if you don’t have Sangha, then Buddha and Dharma become meaningless. The Sangha is everything. And in New York, there are so many wonderful Buddhists, which just never seem to get to know each other as there isn’t a place that we all go to enjoy each other — the simple joy of Sangha.”

Beier’s hope is that Dharma Drink will catch on in other cities, so that when Buddhists travel to other cities they’ll always be able to find like-minded people to socialize with. For more information about the NYC group, visit their website here.