New grant gives boost to social aid programs in Tibet

From Emily Danies

The Board of Arizona Friends of Tibet recently finalized grants of $14,000. About half are repeat projects and half new ones. We are always so amazed at the true bodhisattva activity that abounds in the world, and how grateful people are for our small grants. We wish we had more to give. See a list of this year’s beneficiaries after the jump. 

AFOT Spring 2011 Grants

1. $1800 Terma Foundation. Dr. Nancy Harris, health programs, Child Nutrition Program

2. $1800 Surmang Foundation. Health clinics and midwife services

3. $1800 Nyerongsha Institute. Health clinic and orphanage

4. $1800 Konchok Foundation. School/shedra for children

5. $750 Windhorse Project. Repairing schools after earthquake (

6. $750 Yushu Earth Quake Relief Asia (association for Intl. solidarity in Asia) project; distributing tents, solar panels, clothes and wheelchairs in Yushu; this is the 6th project of relief by this organization in Yushu

7. $1000 Marpa Foundation. Rebuilding the only power station servicing Tibetan Refugees in Bhutan at Drubdey Gompa nunnery and local village: was destroyed by devastating floods

8. $1000 Gargon School. Rural elementary boarding school for nomadic children in eastern Tibetan Plateau

9.$750 Samtenling Nunnery. Dehra Dun India education and health care available for nuns

10. $1000 Bon Children’s Home Orphanage for Tibetan children in Dolanji, India; health and education. Yeru Bon Center

11. $750 Nunnery Kitchen project

Cultural Grants

12. $500 Nalanda Translation

13. $500 Padma Karpo Translation

14. $800 Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (Gene Smith project). Digital libraries given to monasteries throughout India, Tibet, and Nepal: does not need Internet: distributed onto hard drives via PDF

Feel free to donate on our website, and your donations will go directly to fund our grants.

Arizona Friends of Tibet is a nonprofit organization for people who believe Tibetans are entitled to the basic human rights outlined in the charter of the United Nations. We support the non-violent efforts of the Dalai Lama to regain dignity and religious freedom for the Tibetan people, and to preserve the unique and endangered culture of Tibet and its ancient Buddhist traditions. We have sponsored two visits of HH the Dalai Lama to Tucson, and have sponsored many cultural and educational activities in our community, including the Gyuto Monks, the creation of sand mandalas with the University of Arizona and the Tucson Museum of Art.