Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center to move to Boston area

We’ve been talking a lot about the late E. Gene Smith here this week; now there’s related breaking news, by way of Jeff Wallman, Executive Director of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (of which the legendary Smith was the founder):

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of TBRC, I am pleased to announce TBRC is moving our US office in the coming year 2012. In order to expand on our success and further develop our resources, we will relocate our research, text preservation and administrative operations to the Cambridge/Boston area, where we can take advantage of the rich opportunities in Tibetan studies and information technology at universities and research institutions there.

“This move will strengthen the working basis of our newly created scholars committee consisting of Alak Zenkar Rinpoche, Leonard van der Kujip, Janet Gyatso, Gray Tuttle, Paldor Zagatse, Michael Sheehy and Lobsang Shastri. We are delighted at this opportunity to return to the roots of TBRC where Gene Smith established the organization. ¬†We are looking forward to a fresh and inspiring direction¬†moving forward.

“Thank you for your support and interest in our work.”

Keep up with the doings at TBRC by visiting them on the web, here. And don’t miss our exclusive video clips from the new film about E. Gene Smith and TBRC, Digital Dharma.