Tibet: Teenage girl and mother the latest to self-immolate

Reports indicate that over the weekend, two new cases of self-immolation have occurred in Tibet. On March 3, 19-year-old Tsering Kyi self-immolated at a busy marketplace in Machu, located in the Amdo region. Amazingly, witnesses state that local vendors in the area threw stones at her as her body burned; she is currently in custody. On March 4, 33-year-old Rinchen (a mother of four) self-immolated in front of a special security office set up in front of Kirti Monastery, in Ngaba County. The security office was set up recently in an attempt by Chinese forces to thwart further self-immolation attempts by monks at the monastery. Rinchen was confirmed dead on the scene. Click here for past Buddhadharma News coverage of the self-immolation protests.

As the International Campaign for Tibet recently pointed out, several journalists have gone into regions of Tibet in recent weeks, placing themselves in harm’s way to help give the country’s people a voice. Below you’ll find some of their stories.

Under lockdown: Life inside dissident Tibetan town by Gillian Wong, AP

On Tibetan Plateau, A Sense of Constant Surveillance by Louisa Lim, NPR

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Photo by SFT HQ via Flickr, using a CC-BY license.