Body of Refuge: Coming Home to the Moment, a Movement Retreat with Mn. Jimon Hintz

Northeast USA  

November 10, 2012
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

Imagine your body as a source of refuge—home of deep trust, ease, and joy. Buddhism recognizes and appreciates the body as the very means by which we’re able to realize and experience freedom and peace of mind in this life. Yet many of us ignore, doubt, or fight against the wisdom that it naturally proclaims. We may numb out, disassociate, or mechanically go through the motions of our life, not being fully alive and embodied. We may have an unkind, unrealistic, or debilitating list of expectations for how we should appear or behave. The antidote to our disembodiment lies deep within our own body, which is one with the mind—the very place where we experience separation and pain.

In this retreat, we will begin to awaken and explore the wondrous miracle of our senses and take refuge in our bodies’ deep wisdom, expressiveness, and creativity. Together we will nurture an atmosphere of honesty, acceptance, respect, and joy. We will practice turning toward challenging feelings and open to our innate ability to be fully present in this moment, this breath. Each time we’re intimate, our body is set free, and everyone and everything we encounter is nourished in turn. This retreat is open to all levels of experience, as well as those new to this form of body practice.

About the Instructor: Joy Jimon Hintz is a Dharma Holder in the Mountains and Rivers Order. She has been in residence since 1986 and is the Training Coordinator at the Zen Center of New York City. Before coming to the Monastery, Jimon was a lead soloist and rehearsal director with the renowned Nikolais Dance Theater.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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Body of Refuge, with Mn. Jimon Hintz
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