Living Wisdom Enlightened Ancestors Retreat Series: Shakyamuni Buddha, with Shugen Sensei

Northeast USA  

December 1, 2012
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

Living Wisdom Enlightened Ancestors Retreat Series
Shakyamuni Buddha: Seeking the Way

The Enlightened Ancestors Retreat Series focuses on some of the great masters of the living wisdom tradition of Buddhism. Each retreat will examine the teachings of a particular master who was of significant importance as a teacher, as well as their life and practice, to provide inspiring examples for today’s students of the Dharma. The retreat will also highlight some spiritual quality, such as faith, perseverance, or patience, that was exemplified by that teacher, giving us an opportunity to cultivate that quality in our own practice. Each retreat will aim to explore that master’s humanity, struggles, and accomplishments, as well as their luminous insights and teachings.

The Buddha, the first enlightened teacher of Buddhism, is one of the great figures of human history. The story of his life—his home-leaving, search for a teacher, struggles and fears, enlightenment, and teaching—is certainly one of the most inspiring examples of spiritual seeking and achievement in human history.

In this retreat, we will focus on some of the most important events in the Buddha’s life. In particular, we’ll highlight his journey as a deeply sincere and dedicated student of the Way. We’ll also read from selected teachings to explore how he drew from his own experience and realized wisdom to guide his students. In this way, we’ll use this day-long inquiry to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for this great master of the Dharma, and to allow that to inspire and guide our practice today.

About the Instructor: Shugen Sensei received dharma transmission from Daido Roshi in 1997. He is the head of the MRO and abbot of the Zen Center of New York City. Shugen Sensei also manages the National Buddhist Prison Sangha. He has been in full-time residential training since 1986. His teachings have appeared in various Buddhist journals and in The Best Buddhist Writing 2009.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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Shakyamuni Buddha: Seeking the Way, with Shugen Sensei
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