Violence and unrest in Burma continue, UN reports 90,000 displaced

Monks in Rakhine during less violent times

We reported on the violence and unrest in Burma’s Rakhine state about a week and a half ago—clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims began after a Buddhist woman was reportedly raped and murdered by three Muslims. At that time, there were about 17 reported deaths, but that number has now risen to around 50.

According to the BBC, a United Nations body reports that approximately 90,000 people in the western region have now been displaced due to the violence. These people had been crossing into Bangladesh seeking help, though Bangladesh has since closed its border. Human rights groups claim that turning away refugees at the border is a violation of international law.

The United Nations World Food Program has given out emergency food rations to some 66,000 people in the past week alone. Poor infrastructure in the region makes reaching everyone difficult.

You can read yesterday’s full report in the BBC news.

(Photo by Daniel Julie via Flickr, using a CC-BY license.)