One Tibetan dead after double self-immolation; another reportedly killed by Chinese police

At least one Tibetan man is dead after a double self-immolation, and another Tibetan has reportedly been killed in clashes that erupted with police. According to the Hindustan Times, a former monk named Tashi, aged 21, and a monk named Lungtok, 20, set themselves alight near the Kirti Monastery in Ngaba Province. Lungtok died, while Tashi was taken away with severe burns.

The Telegraph reports that Chinese police were trying to clear the immolation site when fighting broke out between them and local Tibetans, and one Tibetan man was reportedly beaten to death in the fight. Chinese police were apparently using metal batons spiked with nails to beat people.

There is also a report of a third self-immolation, though it is still unconfirmed. This is the worst flare-up of violence in Sichuan province since January, according to the Telegraph, when fighting with police left six Tibetans dead, according to Tibetan activists. Chinese police maintain that only two people were killed.

Nearly 50 Tibetans, including five in the past week alone, have self-immolated in protest of Chinese occupation since 2009. For all of our coverage of the self-immolations, see here.