Update: Today’s the last day to pitch in to save Namdroling Hospital

An IndieGogo fundraising campaign has been created to benefit Namdroling Hospital, located in Bylakuppe, India. The hospital was established in 2003 by His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche, and is the only hospital in a 50-mile radius that serves the nearly 5,000 monks and nuns of the Namdroling monastery, the local villagers, and over 10,000 Tibetan refugees.

It is now in imminent danger of being closed by the Indian government unless it gets the funding for serious upgrades to meet registration standards. 

After a seven-year effort and $184,000 in donations, the hospital achieved registered status.

Now, in 2012, the Indian government is requiring that further upgrades be made in order to maintain Namdroling Hospital’s registered status. The cost of these upgrades is $380,000, and the Indian government has given the hospital until October 2012 to raise the money. If the hospital is unable to raise the money, it will be fined $15,000 and forced to close. To date, $80,000 has been raised and another $40,000 has been pledged. The hospital still needs to raise $260,000 in additional funds by September 25 to meet its goal, plus $20,000 to cover the IndieGoGo and PayPal fees.

Click here to contribute and for more information by way of a very informative short video.