Thirteen-volume “Collected Works of Korean Buddhism” published

Dr. Robert Buswell

UCLA Today offers a report on the recent publication of The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism – a 13-volume collection of Korean Buddhist texts and materials, including scriptures, commentaries, inscriptions, discourses and verse, scholarly works, and much more. The series was edited and translated by Professor Robert Buswell, director of UCLA’s Center for Buddhist Studies and distinguished professor in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, who also chaired the project’s editorial committee.

Buswell, quoted in UCLA Today, says “this series truly cements the field of Korean Buddhism in the West. No longer do we need to lament that there’s nowhere to find material on Korean Buddhism in the English-speaking world, because we now have 13 volumes of some of the most foundational writings available for investigation.” You can download the translated collection here.

The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism seeks to make available in accurate, idiomatic English translations of the greatest works of the Korean Buddhist tradition, many of which are being rendered for the first time into any Western language,” Buswell writes in the preface.

Buswell explains that the thirteen new volumes collect Korean Buddhist writing from the Three Kingdoms Period, which began in 57 CE, through the Joseon Dynasty, which ended in 1910. The texts include commentaries and teachings from important Korean scholars, as well as Seon gongan cases, discourses and verses, and historical documents and travelogues. Many of the texts are complete, and for longer pieces, the translators have offered a representative selection of excerpts.