Tonight in NYC: Get “Happy” with Sharon Salzberg

As part of the Rubin Museum of Art‘s “Happy Talk” series, Sharon Salzberg will be talking with artist Josh Melnick at the museum tonight, October 3, at 7 p.m. Happy Talk is a series of discussions between personalities and experts about the nature of happiness.

Salzberg is one of the country’s leading insight meditation teachers and author of Real Happiness; Melnick is a photographer known for his ethereal photographs of New Yorkers riding the subway. About his work, Salzberg has written, “The Buddha said that all beings want to be happy. And he said that we are all vulnerable to loss, to change. I sensed the truth of that, watching those unpretentious faces, and felt how close we all actually are, and how close we should rightly feel. I think Josh’s art is deep and true, and transformative. Seeing the exhibit left me contemplating the potential of art to change the way we see ourselves and others. And eager to look around the subway car.”

Tickets for tonight’s event are $25 ($22.50 for members). The museum is located at 150 West 17th Street in New York City. For more information and a full schedule of Happy Talk Events, see here.  And to learn more about the Rubin Museum, see “Where the Deities Live,” the Shambhala Sun‘s profile of this treasure.