Dü Khor Chö Ling nears completion on first two buildings of main complex; set to open in 2013

Dü Khor Chö Ling, a center dedicated to the study of the Kalachakra, is currently under construction on 28 acres of beautiful New York State woodlands. According to a recent construction update from the Namgyal Institute (the North American seat of the personal monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama), the center is ”nearing completion of the first two buildings of the main complex, and [Namgyal looks] forward to using the new facility in 2013.”  

The center will also “accommodate [Namgyal's] growing student base and the need for retreat facilities, student housing, and adequate dining facilities.” Speaking about the growth of the Namgyal Institute and the establishment of Dü Khor Chö Ling when its fundraising campaign was launched and blessed, His Holiness said:

If the present situation remains another ten, fifteen, twenty years, then there is really doubt as to whether Tibetan Buddhist culture can survive. So under those circumstances, establishment of some institution for preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture in [a] free country is now very, very important. I very much appreciate all of your help. Thank you, thank you very much.

For more information, visit this link. You can also visit Namgyal’s photo gallery for the construction of Dü Khor Chö Ling here.