Father of two dies after self-immolating in Tibet

Tibetans attend the cremation of Dorje Lungdup, who died after self-immolating Sunday morning.

A 25-year-old farmer and thangka painter has become the latest Tibetan to self-immolate in protest of Chinese occupation.

The man, identified as Dorje Lungdup, set himself on fire Sunday morning in the Rebkong region of Amdo, also known as China’s Qinghai Province. He died at the scene, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

The Tibet Post reports that Chinese police tried to take his body from the scene, but Tibetans at the scene resisted them and took the man’s body to a nearby monastery, where it was cremated. Thousands of people reportedly attended the ceremony.

Dorje is at least the 63rd Tibetan to self-immolate since 2009, with at least seven doing so in just one week in October. Click here to see all of Buddhadharma News‘s coverage of the phenomenon.

(Photo via Tibet Post.)