A Buddhist Holiday Toolkit

Four Wednesday Nights, Nov 28th – Dec 19th: 7pm to 9m

at The Interdependence Project, NYC

Despite the love and affection we may feel toward our loved ones, for many of us the holidays can be extremely stressful. Interacting with difficult relatives, confronting years of conditioned behavior arising within us, and enduring the turmoil of family gatherings, travel, and gift-giving are among the difficulties we face each holiday season.  Optimistic expectations are often met with disappointment and result in long-lasting resentment.  Join us for a four-week series designed to address such challenging issues; learn to soften our hearts, work with painful emotions, and transform our relationships with ourselves and others.

Early registration (by November 21st) is only $40! To register, and for more info, visit Buddhist Holiday Toolkit at IDP.  Learn about more upcoming events at our website: theidproject.org