Two more Tibetans die in self-immolation protests Monday

A Tibetan man at a vigil for Nyingkar Tashi and Nyingchag Bum in Dharamsala, India

Two Tibetan men died in self-immolation protests yesterday, becoming the eighth and ninth to self-immolate in just the past week.

Both immolations happened in the village of Dowa, in Rebkong County, where three other immolations have happened this month. The first man was Nyingkar Tashi, 24, who reportedly set himself alight in the afternoon during a prayer ceremony honoring Tamding Tso, a young mother who died in a self-immolation protest last week.

The other man was identified as Nyingchag Bum, an 18 year-old Tibetan who self-immolated about four hours later outside a Chinese government building. According to Tibet Post International, 72 people have now self-immolated in protest of China since 2009, resulting in at least 57 deaths. (Photo: