British Tibetan Buddhist monk self-immolates in France

As reported yesterday, “a British national Tibetan Buddhist monk has self-immolated within his monastery premises in France Thursday afternoon.

“Speaking to Phayul, an official of the Nalanda Monastery, Labastide-Saint-Georges in Tarn district of southern France, identified the monk as Tunden, 38.” (Click here to read Phayul’s report.)

Reason for the self-immolation is at this time unknown. Nalanda has posted a note on its Facebook page that reads, in part:

“Venerable Tunden was 38 years old from the UK, and had been living in the monastery for the last five years. He did not leave any message, and nothing indicated that he was about to carry out such action.

“It seems that he poured a can of gasoline over his body before setting it alight. Unfortunately, the first people and the emergency services on the scene were unable to help. In the current state of the enquiry, it is not possible to determine with certainty what led him to such an extreme act.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tunden’s family and we are working closely with them to take care of their wishes.

“We will try to keep you updated with any other information including appropriate arrangements.

“Please add Tunden and his family to your prayers and dedications.”