Stillness & Motion: The Dance of Life, with Mark Coleman and Vinn Marti

Northwest USA  

December 29, 2012
9:30 amto4:00 pm

Join us for a day of movement and meditation at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Mark and Vinn will lead a reflective, embodied, expressive day that explores the dynamic between stillness and movement, silence and expression, self and other, community and the world. Honoring this special time of year, we will weave in themes of beginnings and endings and explore our response to these through meditation and movement.

In a curious and playful way, we will investigate the interplay between the inner experience of meditative awareness and our embodied expression through conscious movement and dance. We will speak and listen with our bodies and our hearts, dancing back and forth between movement and stillness, spiraling ourselves into the silence at the center of it all yet connected to all of life that surrounds us.

In this day you will come to taste how the practices of meditation and dance beautifully support each other. The meditation provides a deep capacity for stillness and inquiry which brings a greater depth to how we move in life, and the dance awakens an embodied awareness, vitality, and playfulness and enlivens the interior world of meditation.

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