Beginning…and Beginning Again: An Overview of the Path to Happiness, with Sylvia Boorstein

Northwest USA  

January 5, 2013

Join Sylvia Boorstein at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for this special event.

For people new to practice or people continuing practice, this day will be an overview of practice techniques and theory. As a text, we’ll use the Metta Sutta, the overview of the whole of the Buddha’s path. In the spirit of the New Year, we will especially highlight the layperson’s precepts for ethical training. We’ll link them to the Buddha’s teaching, “May these precepts be the cause for happiness.” We will learn and practice techniques for clearing and calming the mind and habituating it to kindness — reflecting the middle section of the Metta Sutta, the development of mind discipline — strengthening the habits of mind that lead to contentment. And we will reflect on the final section of the Sutta, the Buddha’s promise of liberation from suffering. Click here for more information.