Tibetan man stabs himself, writes “Independent Tibet” in blood before dying

Reports are coming from Tibet that a man wrote a message calling for Tibetan independence on a wall in his own blood last month, before dying from self-inflicted wounds.

The Tibet Post reports that Jigme Tseten, 30, apparently cut his chest with a knife and used his blood to write “Independent Tibet” on the wall of the Kagya School in Tsoe City, Amdo. (The Tibetan Review gives his final message as “Tibet is independent, and the Dalai Lama should return to Tibet.”) After writing his message, the Tibet Post says, he used the knife to kill himself.

Chinese police reportedly rushed to the scene to clean his blood off the wall, and said Jigme Tseten was drunk and suicidal. A member of the Chunak nomad community near Tsoe, Jigme Tseten is survived by his mother, wife, and two children. Jigme Tseten may have died as early as November 8, during the Chinese Communist Party’s Congress, though communication blackouts in Eastern Tibet meant that the date of the incident is still unknown.

Tibet has seen a wave of self-immolation protests against Chinese occupation in recent years. Since 2009, at least 92 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest.