San Francisco Zen Center announces new Contemplative Caregiver Course

The San Francisco Zen Center has announced a new Contemplative Caregiver Course — a year-long certificate training — that will begin on January 24, 2013. “The year-long Contemplative Caregiver Course is a transformative learning experience that prepares people from all walks of life to compassionately serve the needs of family members and patients while building resilience for themselves,” the announcement reads. Made up of “contemplative, didactic, creative and experiential elements,” the program features a core faculty including Buddhist chaplain Jennifer Block and SFZC teachers Abbess Linda Ruth Cutts and Fu Schroeder. Participants from all walks of life are encouraged to apply.

Upon completion, participants will be certified as Contemplative Caregivers. In addition, the curriculum “will inform the Zen-inspired senior living community currently being developed by San Francisco Zen Center and Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services.”

For more, visit or call 1-888-743-9362. You can also download further information and an application in PDF form here.