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Come do your Ngondro or Sadhana retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Stay in either a simple cabin we call a jungalow, or a beautiful Japanese Teahouse with bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Your practice time will be enhanced by being on this amazing island, where time stand still and space opens up. There are orchards to walk in and pick seasonal fruit from, and a wood-fired sauna for cleansing.

Your host, Konchock Chopal, has over 37 year experience in Tibetan Buddhist practices and has practiced and finished Ngondro, Vajrayogini, Chakrasamvara, and Vajrakilaya Sadhana practices. She does fire pujas and extensive retreats, many during the last 9 years here at Dakini Gardens and Retreat. She can assist you in your traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice retreat. Her main teacher, Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche, gave her blessings to teach.

As this part of Hawaii is so undeveloped, nature is more accessible and your mind can be at rest within it; this will allow you to merge and find your awareness in luminous space. Far beyond thinking, wanting, needing, hating, destroying, or passionately desiring. Full awareness of now, also called the Great Eastern Sun.

If your mind and life have obstacles, a “Lung” can be given so Vajrakilaya Practice and Vajrakilaya meditation can cut through them and you can continue your path.

If a vision for the future is required, we can assist you to set up a full-form vision that will enter your conscious, so your unconscious will go out and do it for you.

If you need healing, we can assist with that, as well as massage.

If food is a problem, we can teach you oryoki (meditative eating).

If Qi gong or taiji are of interest, we can set up individual classes for you and exercises during your retreat.

If you want to know all about “natural gardening” and IMOs, I give workshops and classes about it.

So many options, from just renting and arranging your own retreat to allowing us to help you and arrange a smorgasboard of classes, massages, and exercises to assist you and quicken your way. Our fees are reasonable and will be added to the accommodation fees. We will fulfill your individual needs and wishes and create a program just for you.

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