Kado: The Way of Flowers, with Ikuko Sano Matsuda

Northeast USA  

March 23, 2013
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

Every branch, leaf, and flower has a beautiful line and rhythm made by nature. Kado is a discovery of the expression and rhythm of each flowering plant and of putting flowers together so that they bring life to each other in simple harmony.

Tracing its origins to the Kamakura period in Japan, Kado — the way of flowers — is an art form developed as a meditative discipline that was deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism. The practice implores us to “take care of our world.” This includes everything external — people, animals, objects, places — and all that is internal — emotions, feelings, ideas, inspirations, insights. Kado asks that we offer respect to nature and its changes, allowing the flowers to arrange themselves according to their intrinsic rhythms. Appreciating both empty space and sparseness of line, our creative process is to let go of the observing self and work honestly with what is directly before us.

A long-time friend of the Temple, Ikuko Matsuda will share her knowledge and experience through demonstrations of several arrangements, followed by participants making their own arrangements and receiving her guidance. Please bring hand clippers (if you own a pair) and a notebook and pencil for taking notes.

About the Instructor: Ikuko Sano Matsuda, a certified teacher of Ikebana, studied for five years with a master in the Ohara School in Shizuoka City, Japan.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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Kado, with Ikuko Sano Matsuda

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