Intimate Voice, with Robert Een

Northeast USA  

April 20, 2013
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

Performance open to the public, 7:30 pm 

Buddhist practice allows us to see the limitations we impose on ourselves and to experience the freedom concomitant with releasing those boundaries. We are filled with preconceptions and firm beliefs about who we are. This extends itself into every dimension of our being, including our capacity to express ourselves creatively. Through the practice of zazen, we can glimpse and nurture an opening in our conceptual framework to allow a different, more spacious way of working and thinking about our breath and sound, and about our self as it is expressed in creativity.

Raising Voice is a workshop in which we engage in the creative process as a reflection of spiritual practice. Concentration, presence of mind, awareness of breath, and dealing with mental distractions are required for meditation, as well as creating material for performance. With guided exercises and using our voice as expression, we investigate this junction of creativity and mindfulness practice. We will recognize that our voice is a boundless source of power that allows us, each in our unique way, to express ourselves and our life with openness.

About the Instructor: Robert Een — an Obie Award winner and two-time Bessie Award winner — has traveled the world composing, performing, and conducting visionary music woven together from such seemingly disparate influences as Sufi poetry, Bach, and minimalism. Formerly a member of the Meredith Monk vocal ensemble, he has been a guest lecturer and an artist-in-residence at colleges, universities, and professional schools around the globe.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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Intimate Voice, with Robert Een

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