What Is the Meaning of This? Touching Reality through the Creative Process, with Hojin Osho

Northeast USA  

April 27, 2013
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

Does the moment-to-moment experience of life have meaning? What is the meaning of sunshine? Of grass and flowers? The names and narratives that we attribute to things, people, our experience, and ourselves can have us chasing our tail in a closed circuit of “knowing.” This blocks the opportunity for discovery, for experiencing something new.

In this retreat, we’ll immerse ourselves in the creative process of painting and mark-making as a way of experiencing physical existence directly, without naming, analyzing, judging, or evaluating it. When we just see, hear, feel, taste, and smell, what becomes possible? What is the direct insight available in such a moment? This kind of mindful focus on the here and now — with no attempt to name, or even to understand, what’s perceived — is a state of consciousness free of tension. The mind is attuned to what’s actually happening and moves freely. We’ll use our meeting with reality to open pathways allowing the creative process to function as freely and boundlessly as our inherent nature. Materials will be provided. Open to all levels of experience.

About the Instructor: Jody Hojin Kimmel received priestly transmission from Shugen Sensei in 2012. She has been in residence at Zen Mountain Monastery since 1991 and is the Training Coordinator there. Before entering monastic training, Hojin was a painter and ceramic artist, teaching and working out of her own studio.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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What Is the Meaning of This? with Hojin Osho

Zen Center of New York City

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