The Middle Way: Finding Sane Relationship with Our World, with Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

Northeast USA  

March 16, 2013
10:00 amto4:00 pm

Zen Center of New York City

We often hear the term “Middle Way” on the Buddha’s path to enlightenment, but what exactly is it? Most essentially, the Middle Way refers to a genuine insight, when the mind rests at ease with its world. How does the Indian Middle Way, or Madhyamika, tradition lead us to this way of seeing? Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel will share her passion for the Middle Way teachings and their ability to lead us out of spiritual vagueness and into humility and confidence in a day of talks, investigations, and lively discussion.

About the Instructor: Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel has studied and practiced the Buddhadharma for twenty-seven years under the guidance of her teacher and husband, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. She is the retreat master of Samten Ling in Crestone, Colorado, and has spent over six years in retreat. She holds a degree in anthropology and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies. She teaches throughout the US and Europe. She is the author of The Power of an Open Question: The Buddha’s Path to Freedom.

Elizabeth is known for her willingness to question the entire path in order to reach a place of genuine practice and awakening. She asks audiences to engage in the practice of open questioning with her while she takes a fresh look at all the assumptions and beliefs we have about spirituality. Audiences repeatedly comment on how this approach has reinvigorated their meditation practice and the way they relate to their lives as a whole.

Cost: $75 (MRO Students: $65)

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The Middle Way, with Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

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