Update: Two more Tibetans self-immolate; Chinese police block funeral

Tsering Tashi

Radio Free Asia reports that Chinese police blocked the family of self-immolator Tsering Tashi from carrying out traditional Buddhist funeral rites, instead forcing them to cremate his body immediately. Read more here.

Buddhadharma News‘ original report on his self-immolation follows the jump.

 A young Tibetan man is dead after self-immolating in the Amchok region of Eastern Tibet on Saturday, according to news reports.

Tsering Tashi (known as Tsebhe), 22, died at the scene of his protest in the center of Amchok town. A contact in the region said that Tashi’s body was taken to his family’s home in Keynang Village, where monks performed prayers.

On Monday, reports emerged that a 62-year-old woman self-immolated in Beijing four months ago to protest land-grabbing by the Chinese government in the Kyegudo region of Tibet. Passang Lhamo set herself on fire on September 13 and was treated for burns at Beijing hospital, but no more information about her condition or whereabouts is available. She had traveled to Beijing after Chinese authorities took her ancestral home in Kyegudo during rebuilding after a 2010 earthquake, and immolated after “repeated appeals to the central authorities in Beijing failed to yield any concrete results.”

Around 100 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest of Chinese occupation since 2009. Click here to see all Buddhadharma News coverage of the protests.

(Photo: phayul.com)