Dalai Lama and Fr. Laurence Freeman discuss Jesus and Buddha as teachers

His Holiness the Dalai Lama met this weekend with his longtime friend, Catholic monk Laurence Freeman, for an interreligious dialogue on the roles of teachers and disciples. Speaking before an audience in Sarnath, India, His Holiness and Fr. Laurence, director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, shared their thoughts on the commonalities between their own traditions.

“Religion is a kind of instrument for transforming our minds into something positive,” His Holiness said. “Everyone wants to be happy, and here in the twenty-first century, material facilities are highly developed. “Indeed, since there are still so many poor people, we need to have material development. However, a great deal depends on our becoming aware of the limits of material values and our beginning to look inward. So far, material development by itself has failed to produce a happy society.”

You can read more from their conversation at the Dalai Lama’s website.

(Photo: Jeremy Russell, OHHDL)