Updated: Help support the Koans and Performance Project

The Koans and Performance Project brings together eleven actors, musicians, and designers from the US, Poland, and Denmark to create a multidisciplinary performance based on working with Zen Koans. They’ve raised over $3,000 so far, but they’re hoping to raise a total of $9,000 to pay the performers during the upcoming rehearsal period. Donations will be accepted at their Indiegogo page through March 6.

“We will explore Zen Koan work as a method of performer training and work with koans as the basis for creating performance material. As far as we know, this sort of exploration of Koan work has never been done before,” explains director Asa Horvitz. John Tarrant Roshi, director of the Pacific Zen Institute, will offer the group guidance in koan work.

“We have also been hard at writing the different koan sections, focusing on themes like wilderness in the American west, mental illness and the idea of the ‘ordinary mind,” and writing percussion music for a unique palette including the custom microtonal instruments that we’re building,” he added.

The performance will premiere in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in June and July 2013, and the artists plan to bring their work to Europe in 2014.

You can donate to the project at their Indiegogo page — the fundraiser runs through March 6. For more information about the Koans and Performance project, visit its Facebook page or its tumblr.