Who Are You? An Exploration of Self, Identity, and Freedom

Northwest USA  

March 9, 2013
9:30 amto4:30 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

One of the most important reflections in spiritual life is contemplating who and what we are. Are you your personality, your thoughts, your mind, your emotions, or your body? Who do you take yourself to be? Have you ever wondered why your self-image or identity is so tenuous, unreliable, and problematic? The Buddha’s teaching specifically addresses the nature of the self and the suffering that arises through not understanding how we construct and identify with this fleeting sense of self-identity.

In this daylong, we will compassionately explore through direct experience, meditation, and inquiry what this sense of self is. We will examine how the self comes to be and how the misidentification with it causes so much of our distress. By understanding the process of “selfing,” we can taste the peace and freedom when we are not so identified with this sense of self, and the lightness and joy that becomes more available as a result.

In this exploration, we will draw on the teachings of the five aggregrates and examples from nature and our day-to-day lives. Everyone is welcome.

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