Integral Somatic Psychotherapy

Northwest USA  

March 10, 2013
9:30 amto5:00 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

An introduction to an integrated and advanced approach to utilizing the body, energy, and awareness in psychological work

Teacher: Raja Selvam

Of late, there have been several successful attempts in psychology to increase treatment efficiency by incorporating the long-overlooked dimensions of the body, energy, and awareness. Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) offers an integrated and advanced approach to utilizing all three dimensions simultaneously in any therapeutic work that involves psychological experience. ISP provides understanding of the role of body (defined here as nervous system as well as non-nervous system physiology), energy, and awareness in generating as well as in defending against psychological experience — and interventions to work directly with these three dimensions in diverse clinical settings. ISP is presented in terms of general principles derived from a variety of disciplines and validated over time in a number of clinical settings. It offers considerable flexibility in the tools that can be used to work with the body, energy, and awareness: tools such as awareness, movement, breath, sound, interpersonal resonance, self-touch, and touch from another, as appropriate to the clinical setting.

ISP offers psychotherapists a sophisticated body of knowledge to increase the embodiment of the body, energy, and awareness dimensions in their practice without having to change their prior clinical orientations or having to adopt interventions that are outside the norms of their professional practice. The role of the body, energy, and awareness in generating as well as disrupting psychological experiences on the one hand and facilitating or hampering self and interactive regulation on the other will be demonstrated live in the introduction in areas of widespread current clinical interest, such as affect dysregulation, attachment, stress, and trauma.

All professionals (both those who have had prior training in body, energy, or awareness dimensions and clinicians with limited training in these areas) have found ISP to significantly increase their treatment efficiency and to support embodiment of these dimensions in themselves and their clients. ISP will prove to be of considerable value to you, as a clinician, whether you are trained in a mainstream psychoanalytic or psychotherapy approach, a body-oriented psychotherapy approach (such as Bioenergetics or Somatic Experiencing), or an energy school that also deals with psychological experience.

Teachings are appropriate for individuals as well as health care professionals. Continuing Education (CE) credit available.

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