Bhikkhu Bodhi on Buddhism and social justice

Over at Religion Dispatches, Joshua Eaton has a new interview with Bhikkhu Bodhi about Buddhism as a force for social justice.

Bhikkhu Bodhi notes that while he’s seen leaders of other religions speak out against “unjust, corrupt, and oppressive social structures,” Buddhists sometimes neglect to do the same. “This does not shake my Buddhist faith,” he says, “but it does make me feel that the Dharma has to take on this broader mission if it is to unleash its full potential as a real antidote to suffering.”

Bhikkhu Bodhi is the founder of Buddhist Global Relief, which he created after writing a commentary in Buddhadharma in 2007, urging Buddhists to “stand up as an advocate for justice in the world, a voice of conscience for those victims of social, economic, and political injustice who cannot stand up and speak for themselves.” Since its founding, Buddhist Global Relief has worked to provide self-sustaining agricultural projects around the world. Bhikkhu Bodhi has been involved in other activism as well, co-authoring the Buddhist Climate Declaration and raising money to buy and pay off defaulted medical debts with the Rolling Jubilee campaign.

The entire interview is worth a read; click here to see it.