Spiritual Awakening, Not Spiritual Bypassing

Northeast USA  

April 8, 2013

The Interdependence Project

Mondays, 7 to 9 p.m.

Buddhism & Psychology: Six-Week Series

From the White House to Wall Street, from celebrity yoga teachers to professional athletes, it seems no one is immune to the Icarus syndrome. Overlooking our human limitations in an attempt to reach spiritual perfection can have dire consequences.

Note: This series began March 4.

As a culture, we have lost touch with how to live meaningfully, choosing to satisfy our grandiose ambitions, egocentric desires, and primal urges rather than cultivate integrity and moral accountability. Buddhism offers contemplative maps and methods to achieve transcendence, while psychotherapy monitors and greets our humanness; together we hope to forge a more comprehensive and integrative model. How can we realistically strive for awakening while keeping an honest eye on our blind spots? How do we strategically maximize our innate potential without unknowingly overlooking our shadow? What can we learn from exploring the triumphs along with the despairs of human experience? In this six-part series of dialogues, we will explore the six Paramittas (transcendent virtues) of Mahayana Buddhism, which teach us about living a life of integrity and wakefulness. We will balance each lecture by considering potential pitfalls relevant to each virtue and ways that Western psychotherapy and meditation practice, conceived differently, can help us avoid spiritual bypassing. Through meditations, readings, and clinical examples, we hope to reframe the work of spiritual practice as an opportunity to accept and transform all that we are.
March 4:    Generosity, with Ethan Nichtern and Jeffrey Rubin

March 11:    Discipline, with Jeffrey Rubin and Miles Neale

March 18:    Patience, with Ethan Nichtern and Miles Neale

March 25:    Diligence, with Ethan Nichtern and Jeffrey Rubin

April 1:    Meditation, with Jeffrey Rubin and Miles Neale

April 8:    Wisdom, with Ethan Nichtern and Miles Neale
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The Interdependence Project
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