Rimay Monlam: Tibetan Buddhist Peace Prayer Convocation at Garrison Institute, May 31–June 3

Buddhist practitioners from all traditions are invited to the annual Rimay Monlam at the Garrison Institute from May 31 to June 3. The annual nonsectarian Tibetan Buddhist Peace Prayer Gathering will provide time and space for meditation, exercise, discussion and inspiration, celebration and consecration, as well as short teachings by prominent Buddhist teachers in attendance. This event is in English, but traditional Tibetan chanting and melodies will be mixed in.

As the website explains, the Tibetan word rimay means “honoring and including all schools and traditions of Buddhadharma,” and monlam mean “a way, an approach, to formulating and realizing our highest aspirations.” For more information about the Rimay Monlam, and to register, click here.