Tibetan thangka master Tashi Dhargyal to start work on massive scroll painting

On May 1, Tibetan thangka master Tashi Dhargyal will begin work on a thanbhochi, a multistory canvas painting designed to be displayed at special prayer ceremonies. This thanbhochi, the first one created by a traditional method outside of Tibet, will be 2o feet tall and 14 feet wide. Dhargyal will work on the thanbhochi in a studio in Sebastopol, California, which will open to the public in May.

The thanbhochi, which will take three or four years to complete, will feature an image of Shakyamuni Buddha and his two primary students, as well as the principal gurus of each of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Dhargyal will complete the thangka with traditional pigments and gold. Once it’s finished, it will tour museums and monasteries before being donated to a monastery in Eastern Tibet.

Thubten Samdup, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, says, “Preserving and safeguarding the rich heritage of Tibetan arts is utmost important for the survival of Tibetan spirit. Therefore, I am thrilled to learn that Tashi is opening a studio where the rich tradition of Tibetan arts will be showcased.” For more about Tashi Dhargyal and his thanbhochi project, visit tashidhargyal.com.

Donations are being accepted via the project’s fiscal sponsor, the Solo Foundation.  Funds will go toward the painting, supplies, and travel costs associated with the tour.  All donations are tax-deductible. To donate online, please visit www.solofoundation.org/donate

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