Exploring the Heart Essence

Northeast USA  

May 5, 2013
1:30 pmto5:30 pm

At Village Zendo, NYC
A workshop with Zoran Josipovic, PhD

True Heart is both the path and the goal of contemplative practice, a secret doorway into the unity of Being that is free from dualities of self vs. other, good vs. bad, and material vs. spiritual. This workshop is an opportunity to explore an effortless yet deep practice involving meditation, movement, and dialogue, whose aim is to facilitate genuine contact with oneself and others. New findings from the field of neuroscience will provide contemporary perspectives to age-old questions.

Fee: $80

Online registration at: www.trueheart-may5.eventbrite.com


Village Zendo
588 Broadway, Suite 1108
New York, NY 10012


Zoran Josipovic, PhD is the co-founding director of Nonduality Institute in New York City and Woodstock, NY. He is also the Director of Contemplative Science Lab, and Assistant Adjunct Professor for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, New York University. In his previous life he worked as a clinical psychotherapist and as a bodyworker, and taught meditation seminars at Esalen Institute. Zoran is a long-term practitioner of meditation in the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen and Advaita Vedanta.

Nonduality Institute is a non-profit center in New York City dedicated to the practice and scientific study of nondual awakening. We offer a direct method of nondual realization that opens the body, heart and mind to nondual reality. Our scientific research into the neural correlates of nondual realization contributes to the understanding of the nature of consciousness, and the brain’s functioning in optimal states of wellbeing. Visit us at www.nondualityinstitute.org