Eshin Godfrey named new abbot of Rinzai-Ji; Sasaki stepping down

Eshin John Godfrey

Joshu Sasaki Roshi, the 106-year-old abbot of Rinzai-Ji, will be leaving his post this summer, Sweeping Zen reports, and Eshin John Godfrey of the Vancouver Zen Center has been chosen to replace him. Gento Steve Krieger and Ginsei Ginger Calloway have also been named as vice-abbots, and all three will assume their new roles when Sasaki steps down on July 21.

In addition to serving as abbot, Godfrey will also continue his role as a member of Rinzai-Ji’s Transitional Leadership Team. That group, established last year after allegations of sexual abuse by Sasaki Roshi emerged, is working to improve sangha communications and policies, and to “confidentially receive the stories of the women who are hurting, and work with them to move toward healing.” Read the full story at Sweeping Zen.