Why are Buddha heads springing up around Chicago?

Alongside the flowers, Chicago residents may notice something unusual popping up this spring — Buddha heads are appearing on grassy areas and sidewalks throughout the city and surrounding communities.

They’re the work of artist Indira Johnson, who started the Ten Thousand Ripples project to get people thinking about creating peace in their own lives and their communities. She created 100 of the heads from fiberglass and resin, and over the past few months she’s been collaborating with Chicago arts organization ChangingWorlds and with residents in local neighborhoods to decide where to place them.

Locals are taking notice of the statues — here, the Evanston Patch responds to a resident’s question about the heads, and also lists some of the upcoming community events, aimed at bridging differences, based on the project.

We’ve reported on the Buddha heads before — here’s a story from when the heads first started appearing, along with a video about the project. For more, visit Ten Thousand Ripples online.

(Photo via Ten Thousand Ripples)