Upaya and the Role of the Buddhist Teacher: Wednesday Afternoon Seminars, with Ryushin Sensei

Northeast USA  

July 17, 2013

Zen Mountain Monastery

Three Wednesday afternoons, 3:00 to 4:30 pm

In a tradition that rests on the inherent perfection of each person, what is the role of a teacher? Is she someone who

Note: This series began July 3.

offers something? Or someone who strips away attachments? Is a teacher a conveyer of necessary information? An object of devotion? An inspiration? Is he a guiding parent in whose presence we can stabilize our capacity to attend and trust ourselves? Or is he a thief prepared to steal from us anything invested with self-clinging? Is she a spiritual friend? A wrathful protector of virtues? A mirror? A physician?

In this series of three afternoon sessions, we will look at three different dharma teachings on the shifting role of a teacher within Buddhist practice and training. A selection of writings will serve as a starting point for reflecting on our own journey and deepening our investigation of how a teacher can help us on the path of self-realization.

About the Instructor: Ryushin Sensei received dharma transmission from Daido Roshi in 2009. He is the abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery. He began studying with Daido Roshi in 1987 and entered residency in 1992. Before becoming a resident, he worked as a pediatrician and a psychiatrist.

Cost: $25 per session; $60 for all three.

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Upaya and the Role of the Buddhist Teacher, with Ryushin Sensei
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