Video: Matho Museum Project aims to save ancient monastery

The Matho Museum Project is trying to preserve an ancient Buddhist monastery in Northern India, creating a museum to house and preserve its collection of devotional art.

Located in Ladakh, near the Tibetan border, the monastery was founded in 1410 and has been used by Sakya monks ever since. The harsh mountain climate, though, has damaged the building and much of its art and historical artifacts. An international team will build a museum on the grounds of the monastery and train local people in art preservation techniques to create jobs in the area and keep the museum sustainable. Eventually, they hope to have the Matho Monastery designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click through for more information, including a video about the restoration efforts.

The project is being funded by the Good Karma Foundation, in Britain, and the Himalayan Arts Preservation Association, in France. To learn more or to donate, visit the project’s website or its Facebook page.