Tse Dup Yang Bod: Ancient Tibetan Soul Healing certification course

Posted by Bon Shen Ling

The three-year Tse Dup Yang Bod Tibetan Soul Healing course taught by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche will begin again starting in May 2013. This is the authentic full-length Tse Dup Healer certification course that was offered for the first time in the West in 2009. This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive the complete three-year teaching in English from a high Tibetan Rinpoche who is a specialist on the soul energy rituals. The course will not be offered again for another three years.

Tse means life force, Dup means to intensify, Yang refers to the energetic essence་of the soul, life force, and five elements, and Bod means to call or retrieve through respectful practiceTse Dup Yang Bod is a Tibetan Bon healing and spiritual practice for balancing the soul, life force, and life. This teaching is based on the 7th-century text, the Tse Dup Jha Ri Ma Nyen Dup, written by the great Bon master Lama Tsewang Rigzin. The Tse Dup Jha Ri Ma Nyen Dup has three distinct ritual components: long-life empowerment rituals, soul retrieval, and life force retrieval. Soul retrieval (La Ghuk) and life force retrieval (Tse Ghuk), as well as honoring the five elements to regain life, have long been important in Tibetan Bon society and healing.

This Tse Dup teaching illuminates how our soul, life force, and life are carried by the body.  The foundation of good health is strong, balanced communication among the five organs of spleen, lung, liver, kidney, and heart with the five inner elements of flesh, breath, heat, blood, and mind, with the five external elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and space. When our life is strong, then our life force has a vitality that shines as the strength of our soul.  When our soul is strong, we are healthy.  Conversely, when an organ is weak due to disease, trauma, or stress and its connection to these elements is blocked, the individual soul of that organ is not functioning well.  In addition to illness, this can lead to loss of the principal soul energy.  The most obvious sign of such soul loss is unexplainable long-term sickness, persistent lethargy, and increasing lack of interest in life.

This Tibetan Soul Healing modality offers the potential for a complete healing of that which is invisible and unexplainable to physical medicine.  Tse Dup provides a comprehensive teaching about how to determine the energetic root of disease and how to provide the energetic root of healing. One learns how to build healing energy, how to work with the energetic essence of the five elements, and how to effectively utilize the energetic connections and communication pathways between the organs, elements, and soul energy. Invoking the healing power of the Long Life meditation mantra, channeling the five different types of healing energy, performing ritual soul retrieval, and soul ransoming provide the energetic heart of the Tse Dup practice.

For full details on course dates, content, format, and certification, visit bonshenling.org/tsedup/.