Against the Stream finds location for new San Francisco center

After almost a year of searching, Against the Stream Meditation Society has found a location for their San Francisco center. Founder Noah Levine announced on Wednesday that he had signed a lease for the new location, near 23rd and Folsom Streets in the Mission District, after receiving donations from several members of the San Francisco sangha. After obtaining permits and renovating the space, he said, the center could be open within four to eight months.

In other Dharma Punx-related news, musicians in Berlin have organized a tribute concert for Wauz Kenobi, the founder of Dharma Punx Berlin. Kenobi, the lead singer in the band Red Tape Parade, died of cancer on April 15. The show is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, at Club Bi Nuu in Berlin. Admission is free, but the organizers are encouraging a €10 donation, with proceeds going to Dharma Punx Berlin.