Nalanda Institute launches first-ever Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy







The New York City based Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science announces that enrollment is now open for its inaugural Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy, to begin in Fall 2013.

The program offers therapists, health workers, coaches, educators, and other professionals in the healing arts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the inspiring new field of contemplative psychotherapy.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to train in the converging fields of Tibetan mind science, meditation, neuroscience, and psychotherapy with an outstanding faculty of visionary pioneers and leading experts, including Joe Loizzo, Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, Richie Davidson, Ethan Nichtern, Jeffrey Rubin, and many more.

This historic program will help prepare and support a new wave of highly trained, mindful, and emotionally competent health-care professionals to meet the demands of civilized living.  For more information, please visit Nalanda’s Certificate webpage.