Zen Poets and the Three Truths, at Village Zendo

Northeast USA  

May 11, 2013
10:00 amto1:00 pm

New York City

“Flowers Go on Falling,” with Deirdre Eisho Peterson

In this spring workshop, we will read and study some of the most beloved Zen poets of China and Japan, including Han Shan, Ikkyu, Basho, and Ryokan. We examine how these poets expressed the Three Truths of impermanence, suffering, and non-self, and explore how we ourselves experience these truths. We will read poems aloud and write some of our own.

“The winds have died, but flowers go on falling;
Birds call, but silence penetrates each song.”

$30 members, $35 nonmembers

RSVP at info@villagezendo.org

588 Broadway, Suite 1108

between West Houston and Prince Streets

New York NY 10012