In the Summer Buddhadharma magazine: Your meditation reality check

Are you in need of a meditation reality check? You’ll find one in the Summer Buddhadharma, which hits newsstands soon, with a forum discussion on the obstacles to meditation and how we can work with them. Also inside: Tulku Thondup shares a meditation on Guru Rinpoche and his pure land, Zen practitioner Gregory Shepherd looks back at his time in a monastery and the nagging question of whether he ever experienced enlightenment, Anyen Rinpoche discusses developing certainty in the path, and Zen priest Catherine Toldi addresses the painful conflicts that can arise in sanghas and how to handle them. Plus: Sumi Loundon Kim on creating dharma programs that meet the needs of children and their parents, a profile of Noah Levine‘s Against the Stream sangha, and much more.

Look for the Summer Buddhadharma later this month — if you’re not a subscriber, click here to subscribe and save. In the meantime, you can browse excerpts of everything in the Spring Buddhadharma here.