Ajahn Jamnian to travel from Thailand to the U.S. in June

Ajahn Jamnian (also known as Ajahn Jumnnien)  is traveling from Thailand, along with a small number of other monastics to the United States in early June 2013. Ajahn Jamnian will be giving Dhamma talks and retreats in the Los Angeles area in mid-June and in the Pacific Northwest in late June.

Ajahn Jamnian has practiced as a Theravada monk for over 55 years and is known throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, for his Vipassana (Insight Meditation Practice) and his loving kindness. He is featured in the book “Sons of the Buddha: The Lives of Three Extraordinary Thai Buddhist Masters” by Kamala Tiyanvanich.

Ajahn Jamnian teaches in a unique style filled with joy, humor, and lightness of heart. Ajahn Jamnian encourages us to continuously explore the presence of desire and aversion in the mind. He tells us every situation is an opportunity to practice “steering ourselves back to the Middle Path.”  He emphasizes that a living meditation pervades every aspect of our life and not just the hours devoted to meditation, is a “life long process of constant observation and continuous investigation.”

For more information about Ajahn Jamnian, and events while he is in the U.S this year, please visit our website at: http://www.forestretreat.org


Free Daylong Dhamma talk: June 10, Pomona, CA
Three day retreat from June 11-13 in Mt. Baldy, CA near Los Angeles.

Week long retreat from June 17-24 in Olympia, WA .